9th August 2011

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aw yeahhh

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8th August 2011

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I WAS A SKYWALKER begins recording our full length today. i’m getting stoked and listening to last laugh, limp wrist, shook ones, bomb the music industry! and 86 mentality while simultaneously getting jacked on coffee and trying to forget that i still don’t have a job and i’m not going out to pass out resumes today, or that i’m probably not going to get into school this semester. i’ve been feeling pretty bad about that kind of stuff lately, it’s seriously getting me down. but i’m trying to forget about that shit anyways, or at least only think about it in a healthy way, not one that gets me down. it’s hard though. other than those kind of things, life’s going pretty okay. i mean, i get pretty down sometimes, but nothing’s really all that bad. i shouldn’t complain, and i know that is what i’m trying to say, i think.

tonight, i start writing poetry again, or i plan too anyways. it’s been a while.
summer does that to a guy like me.

start chatting with me, i am always bored lately.
i don’t care who you are.

12th July 2011

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Stable Boys - Dionneing It

Members of Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader, and Glocca Morra got together and formed a band. This is the track that they just released 12 minutes ago.



this rox <3 <3

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4th July 2011

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Going out home breaks me.



2nd July 2011

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hey this is my shed and there&#8217;s me with that undercut, how hilarious.punk rock

hey this is my shed and there’s me with that undercut, how hilarious.
punk rock

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30th June 2011


getradified said: If we ever start getting decent weather (even just not terribly shitty weather, really) I still totally wanna go skating! I've been to Mundy Pond park twice this month and am itching to skate as often as possible now. So if you are free, it's not gross out, and you're in the mood, holler at ya boy, as the kids say.

me too! i’m down for sure! i’m a little bit busy until like after the weekend but maybe sometime this week coming!?

29th June 2011

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28th June 2011

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valentines day - sexy

it’s hard dragging myself out of bed or finding motivation to go out and get a job or to do all the things that i want to do.
at least i keep finding sweet pop punk bands from years ago.

i’ve got a busy week ahead. jamming tonight, possibly jamming tomorrow, and the day after that. skywalker is playing at distortion on thursday and again on saturday, and bees & honey are playing the same show on saturday too.
my mom leaves on thursday night for two weeks so i get the house to myself.
excited, but not at the same time.
someone please help me with making a new resume, and with passing them out.

23rd June 2011


thesereoccurringdreams-deactiva said: yes yes hangs as soon as i figure out when i have to work next week!! see you tomorrow night?

yeah yeah there better be! for sure!

22nd June 2011

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giant bags of weed - fuck you i hate you

i can’t wait for real summer or for bees & honey and iwasaskywalker to record in another month or so. i also can’t wait for this fucking rain to stop, or to get a job.
oh man do i ever need a job.
coffee and wicked pop punk gets me through these miserable days.